Stars and Spring: NaPoWriMo

Spring meander,

goose and gander

sit on their nest

take turns then rest,

lilac scents the air

children play, feet bare

without a care,

each laughing cry

floats to the sky

twinkling bright

in the night,

the goosey pair

now aware

honk and stare,

look with delight

at sparkling light

dancing, giggling in the night



Canada Geese by the Delaware River, Red Bank Battlefield, National Park, NJ


This is Day 28, NaPoWriMo. We’re asked to write a poem in Skeltonic verse. The form is named for English poet John Skelton (c. 1463 – 21 June 1529). It is also called Tumbling verse.

Words Remembered

A child’s first words,

delightful dawning

apperception of sounds

communication beyond smiles

and touch.


First words

followed by more,

sentence streams.


Sister talk,

talk and play,

play creating new worlds

from their imaginations.

The Barbies,

each with her own name

and personality

lined up on bathtub rim

they play there for hours,

creativity more than cleanliness,

whimsy in the water

(I’ll never know what “a cup of Margaret” is

but how marvelous the mystery that lingers.)

listening to them then

listening to them now,

both existing

like an overdubbing in my brain

the babbles turned to words

the words turned into essays

and then to college theses

words spoken and sung

at home

and on stages

(shy little girls becoming confident women with strong voices)

words that both girls now teach to others

and use in caring

words of love

words magical

words memorable

words spoken and unspoken

words lost in time

remembered in my heart

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© Merril D. Smith 2016


This is in response to the The Secret Keeper’s Writing Prompt

This week’s words: child/talk/home/time/play