The Water Shimmers: Monotetra Poetry Challenge

This is for Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge 

This came after a sleepless night filled with strange dreams.



The water shimmers in the morn

Foggy glimmers as day is born

Shadowy creatures from me torn

A fading form, a fading form


That fading form, from blackest night

Dreamy vision, sighs with the light

Then from the wat’ry mist I sight

A ghost in flight, a ghost in flight.


The ghost in flight, tossed from my sleep

A dream-born stranger from the deep

Rising slowly, an upwards creep

A vow to keep, a vow to keep


A vow to keep, to see your smile

To travel thither and a mile

To undergo the nightmare trial

And yet meanwhile, and yet meanwhile


And yet meanwhile, I see your smile.