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I’ve had two books on rape/rape culture published recently–because for some reason, I thought working on two books at the same time would not be a problem. I could not have done it though if my co-editor on the Rape Cultures book, Tuba Inal, had not done so much of the work. I forgot to announce this second one on my blog, so here are both of them. They are both two-volume reference books, and in addition to editing them, I also wrote chapters in each one.

This one just came out. Amazon says August 31.

Rape Cultures and Survivors, edited by
Tuba Inal and Merril D. Smith











This one came out in May.

Encyclopedia of Rape and Sexual Violence,
edited by Merril D. Smith


New Book: Encyclopedia of Rape and Sexual Violence

Encyclopedia of Rape and Sexual Violence, edited by Merril D. Smith


It’s here! I SO wish a book like this was not necessary, but unfortunately, it is. I am proud of the effort that my contributors and I have put into it. And seeing one’s book in print never gets old. The Encyclopedia of Rape and Sexual Violence contains twenty long-form entries covering various aspects of rape and sexual violence, both within the U.S. and also the rest of the world. I wrote some of the entries, as well as editing all of them. The book also includes a primary documents section and a list of resources for both the U.S. and many other nations. Your library should probably have a copy.

Encyclopedia of Rape and Sexual Violence



Work and Play

Monday Morning Musings

“Not knowing when the dawn will come

I open every door.”

–Emily Dickinson

In life a secret blossoms

beneath cloud and air

between dusk and dawn–

follow it

about wild river song


but almost there


I read facts and statistics

documenting the evils humans do to one another,

then I read about the kindness of strangers

fighting hate and bigotry

helping others with words and gestures–

I spend days reading and writing

of hate and of human resilience

of the darkness that falls

and the light that comes


I spend days writing and reading


documenting evil–

and then I take a break

I write a poem

drink some wine

(bottled poetry)



and then some more



hug my husband, daughter, and cats

eat Pakistani food outside on a beautiful June night



I listen to the mockingbird

(sing )

I think about good and evil

and life’s secrets

blossoming like spring flowers


I wait for dawn to come

opening every door

till I am almost there


The Oracle gave me the opening.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 10.15.24 PM

Almost 30% of women have faced violence from an intimate partner. World Health Organization,

“Every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted.” RAINN

We drank wine at Heritage Vineyards “Vino and Vibes” and at Sharrott Winery’s Wine and Music Festival. We got take-out from Meera Khana restaurant, and the food was delicious, as always.





Call for Contributors: Reference Books

Hi, Everyone! This is a different from my usual type of post. It’s a kind of experiment. I’m looking for contributors for two books. They are both reference books on rape and sexual violence. The articles focus on contemporary issues and situations, not historical. Both books will have an international focus. Contributors should have academic expertise (graduate students who have written on this issue will be considered). I know some of my followers are academics and past academics, as well as independent scholars, graduate students, and people involved in medicine and social science. Or you might know some people involved in fields connected to these areas. Please share with anyone who might be qualified and interested in writing. Or just share!

Call for Contributors: Encyclopedia of Rape and Sexual Violence

To be published by ABC-CLIO, this 2-volume encyclopedia will feature long-form articles of approximately 11,000 words or 40-45 double-spaced manuscript pages. The encyclopedia will focus on rape in various contexts throughout the world, covering such topics as marriage or intimate partner rape, drug-facilitated rape, and rape in war. I am seeking scholars who have expertise in and understanding of contemporary issues surrounding rape and sexual violence–and who can write clearly and objectively on the subject. For more information or to see the list of still available topics, please send a brief CV/bio to Merril D. Smith at as soon as possible. Put Encyclopedia of Rape and Sexual Violence in the subject heading. I would like to have all topics covered as quickly as possible. Entries will be due Spring/Summer 2016, or by August 31.

Call for Contributors: Rape Cultures and Survivors: An International Perspective

Praeger Press will be publishing this 2-volume book on rape cultures and survivors. Focusing on situations in war and peacetime from the late 20th century to the present, the book will examine rape and rape culture, and how survivors (women, men, and children) have coped in various social and cultural contexts. The work will define and study the characteristics and peculiarities of “rape cultures” that are intertwined with ethnic cultures/hatreds and other forms of conflictual social, political, and economic relations. Each chapter will be approximately 25-30 double-spaced manuscript-pages. The articles are meant to have a definite thesis and to argue a particular point of view. The book is aimed at both professionals and students, as well as the general public. If interested, please submit a brief (1-page) abstract and CV to the addresses below as soon as possible. Completed articles will be due before or by September 1, 2016.

For more information or to submit a proposal please email:

Tuba Inal:  or Merril Smith: