Moon Rising





the essence

of life, tumbling

down, cascading to

stillness, a pellucid

pool mirrors the sky above.

Clouds ripple in the lake and sky,

and bird shadows soar, black against white–

their calls echo, echo, echo, echo

until the sound fades into the gloaming

and fireflies dance about the shore.

Then come the night sounds and creatures

that fly, swim, flitter, twitter

with anticipation.

She is here, rising

from the water,





A double etheree for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday challenge.



But, Still




and we dream

again. Circles

and cycles spinning

a planet round a star,

our bodies full of stardust,

so, we reach up bravely, and search

for answers, the hard problem of who,

why, and what we are–but still, flowers bloom


rise with cues of light and hope, a promise

of what was still is, even if we

are not. They will vanish also,

like dinosaurs and dodos,


romps through the ages,

blinks and heartaches–

but still, there’s

you, me,



Yesterday, I saw this crocus and some green shoots rising from the ground. It made me happy, even though we’re supposed to get snow today. I’ve noticed how the angle of the sun is different now, and how it lingers longer in the day.

This is a double etheree for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday prompt, using synonyms for game and trouble.