Winter Solstice: Tanka

This is a tanka for Frank Tassone’s Haiku Challenge. The prompt is winter solstice, which takes place this Thursday. Though we had snow on Friday, it’s now actually unseasonably warm here in south Jersey.



Violet skies roost

over white snow shadow-kissed–

this, the longest night


buries colors like secrets

rediscovered in the spring










28 thoughts on “Winter Solstice: Tanka

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  2. The blanket of snow here in Cleveland is the first of many snows we’ll face. . . I like how you describe the hidden colors lying under the snow. Your thoughts of a long winter’s sleep and a distant future of spring’s possibility give me a glimmer of hope, Merril. ๐ŸŒŸ

      • By the time I drove back down to Columbus on the 24th, the snow front had followed me. So glad Felicia was there to keep me company. We made it safe and sound. I still have gifts to pass out due to transferring cars. Rain wasn’t good in my mind due to freezing as the night got colder. . .

      • Freezing rain is the worst! I’d much rather have snow. My in-laws used to live in Erie, and I’m glad mother-in-law isn’t still there. I heard they got 4 ft (or more?) there at Christmas!

      • The East side where my cousins live is always much more snowed in than the West suburbs where we spent our middle and high school years, Merril. (Rich and Susan live in North Olmsted, Mom taught in Westlake 30 years, we placed her there in memory care and we graduated H.S. in Bay Village.) ๐ŸŒจ โ˜ƒโ›„ โ„

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