“It is the burden of life to be many ages

without seeing the end of time.”

–Jim Harrison, From “Seven in the Woods,” in Dead Man’s Float


Dawn pursues him–

Play me a song on your lyre.

Look at me! Over here,

I’m a goddess,

be with me, my dear.

I’ll be your wife

and you’ll be granted eternal life.

It will be grand–

we’ll promenade upon the strands

of space and time–

always in our prime,

oh, it’s wonderful to be a god.

Oh, no.


Sorry, my mistake.

I was so taken by your beauty–

(remember that time at the lake?)

I forgot to ask that you

be given eternal youth.

A sad truth, I’m afraid,

you’ll have to be brave

to see many ages

without seeing the end of time.

I’m not sure I can bear it—

but I’ll see that you have some care

when I have to lock you up away somewhere. . .

Ah, how we gods suffer

the curse of the divine.


A bit of fun this time for Jilly’s 28 Days of Unreason based on Jim Harrison’s poetry. Today is Day 5.



12 thoughts on “Tithonus

  1. It is a blend of romance and tragedy, so often an allegory for something. . . Maybe marriage over the long haul. . . Being a bit sarcastic here and using my own life’s dramas.
    No disrespect intended, Merril. ✨ 💐

      • I thought this was a Greek tragedy. It was still romantic for her to make the request.
        It sounds like the god granted her wish.
        She forgot to add, “Please give my lover the serum for perpetual youth.”

        I still see how the author of ancient days might think marriage for the rest of their lives seems like forever.

        It is possible to slant it towards the negative without disrespect of the poem. I can see you may have intended this to be humorous or light hearted. Again, just will say good night. I’m beat.

      • Thank you, Merril. This clarification is more than I should have needed.

        I have found on more than one occasion, on other higher thinking blogs (like your own), that I don’t always grasp the way best to interpret their post. I try to show thought and please the person who has put so much effort into their writings.
        I know I spend more time thinking than necessary! Chuckling a bit now.

      • There are plenty of posts and poems that I don’t understand. Some poems are way too obscure for me! 🙂 I appreciate that you read what I write and leave comments. You are very kind. Thank you for being so supportive.
        And chuckling is always a good thing. 🙂

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