Beckoning Breezes: Quadrille

Spring breeze bewitches,


fills you with an itch

to stretch and grow,

to flow

with rivers

you quiver,

undulating in delight.


Fall breeze calls–


enthralling you,

you switch

your sights–

to fly with geese

in victory’s V,


through gloaming’s violet light.











This is for dVerse, now celebrating its seventh anniversary. Happy Anniversary! Grace has asked us to write a quadrille (a poem of 44 words) using the word itch.







31 thoughts on “Beckoning Breezes: Quadrille

  1. A query about the poetic process, Merril. Did you write down all the -itchy words that came to mind first, or did the words present themselves as you wrote? Inquiring minds want to know. 😉

    • I was having a hard time with this prompt, Marian, and I tossed out a few totally different poems. I didn’t really have an idea, but I also did not write down a bunch of itchy words. So. . .the first few lines for this one just came to me while I was in spin class this morning. Then I kind of wrote it in my head, and then wrote it down when I came home. Of course, I didn’t have the word count until then. Then I let it rest a bit, and then I came back to it and polished it up a bit. Does that help the inquiring minds? 😉

  2. I admire the movements in each season – with spring, we itch to grow but in autumn we unhitch, and marvel at the geese flying away ~ Also love the color: gloaming’s violet light. Thanks for joining in the fun~

  3. I like the contrast you’ve created with these two distinct breezes. It is always interesting to me the way the weather and seasons can completely change our mood.

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