Lost and Found

Once upon a glimmer

of desire and hope,


the girl

opened a book


and she was lost

in the pages,


in the story,

she found


she was not alone

and there were other


worlds, and truth–

it was out there–


but also, within her.



Albert Anker, “Cécile Anker, 1886” [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

For dVerse, Lillian has asked us to write a poem beginning with “Once upon a  ____, ” using any word except for the word “time.”





56 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. For me first came reading, then came movies; now a blessed mix of both keeps stoking creativity, and turning my focus off the news.

  2. that glimmer will always remain her first and everlasting love. I so connected with this poem Merril. reading has taken me to places of wonder, delight and also healing. i teach under privileged kids and I am so humbled when i see what reading does for them. opens up so many possibilities. a simple once upon but with amazing depth.

  3. Lovely Merril. That was me from the time I could read…always lost in a book. The best gift we can pass on to our children is the love of reading!

  4. I liked how you started this, Merril. Who would think of that poignant first line but you?
    Then, you finished with a very important reminder about what lies within this young girl.

  5. Really, really nice. Perfectly and simply captures that incredibly powerful feeling we get as children when we read and realise that reading is right and good and something that we will do for the rest of our lives.

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